Tailor Made Hunting and Personalized Service

Over the years, our travel staff has hosted hunters on expeditions all over the country. We are an outfitter company with many years of experience.

We offer a high-quality Big Game experience. From our popular Red Stag to a wild Multi-Horn Ram or Blackbuck Antilope, all hunting is done in the company of our professional guides; or together with our joint venture partners. We have developed a business synergy with some of the best outfitters in the country, offering big game hunts in Patagonia, La Pampa, San Luis, Mendoza, and the unique province of Cordoba.

Every shooting trip is individually designed around each client. We specialize in custom itineraries based on your group's wishes and budget

We believe that a hunting trip should be accessible, fun and hassle-free. A trip of a lifetime is possible every year!

Combine Big Game with Wingshooting or Fly-fishing on a customized itinerary.
We are passionate about our country and the land and all it has to offer and we look forward to hosting you in Argentina.

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Shooting Reports & News

Another Gold Stag Adventure!!

Another Gold Stag Adventure!!

A group of four good friends came to Argentina to have an incredible time hunting Red Stag and Water Buffalo!

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A Free Range Stag!

A Free Range Stag!

After a few days in Buenos Aires, it was time for my last Big Game adventure of the season. This time I have been very lucky to met a great family from Florida, the Doyles!

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Evolution of maximum attractiveness

Evolution of maximum attractiveness

March has begun, and the summer begins to give way to autumn, the Argentinian fields takes an unusual life to shudder with a deep and incomparable sound: the roar of the red deer. This the call of love nature itself, announces that the maximum hunting species of our country is preparing to form its harem…

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