When do you consider the hunt is over?

We consider a hunt is over when the duration of the reservation is complete. However, if guests want to extend their stay we can accommodate them, subject to availability. Important: Wounded animal, hunted animal. If an animal is wounded but not found (there has to be a trace of blood), the entire trophy fee will be charged.

Where and how are guests greeted?

Guests are greeted at the closest airport from the lodge. We provide transportation in and out from the airport.

Can you plan or arrange extra days and activities if guests want to spend some time in Argentina?

Yes, it is possible. You can contact our travel agents at www.travelwithpointer.com for further information.

Will you offer assistance with customs, firearm registration and domestic flight transfers?

Yes, if our guests request this service we will arrange for assistance in these matters. However, customs processing is a relatively quick and easy process.

Will Pointer Outftters offer travel services for guests (travel company to handle all flights/transfers, etc.)?

For flight reservation services, we can suggest you travel agents. We can also recommend www.travelwithpointer.com, our Travel and Leisure department to assist you with non-hunting activities.