Red Stag (Cervus Elaphus) was introduced into Argentina more than a hundred years ago. The first specimens were brought to the province of La Pampa, and then subsequent imports introduced this magnificent animal into the southern part of the country: Patagonia.

Hunting red stag in Argentina is truly a unique experience, particularly in the region of Patagonia, which is characterized by its wide and big ranges. The red stag can be spotted from a long distance. The rutting season usually lasts more than 60 days, providing ample chances to harvest a very nice trophy.

The most common approach is stalking. While stalking, a hunter will approach his or her prey with stealth in order to get in range with their particular weapon and ensure a clean hit.

The red deer is the fourth-largest deer species behind moose, elk and sambar deer.

Generally, the male (stag or hart) red stag is typically 175 to 250 cm (69 to 98 in) long and weighs 160 to 240 kg (350 to 530 lb); the female is 160 to 210 cm (63 to 83 in) long and weighs 120 to 170 kg (260 to 370 lb). The tail adds another 12 to 19 cm (4.7 to 7.5 in) and shoulder height is about 95 to 130 cm (37 to 51 in).

The Hunting

There are five common methods of hunting.

The first method is stand hunting. This is generally the most common method, depending on the terrain. Stand hunting is commonly done in an elevated tree stand, but it can be done in a blind on the ground. Tree stands are usually placed 8 to 30 feet above the ground. The stands are made of metal or wood. Stands are often placed at the edge of fields of crops such as corn, wheat, buckwheat, alfalfa, clover, soybeans, cotton and many others. Often, hunters plant crops in strategic locations solely for the purpose of attracting deer. This is known as a food plot. Stands are also placed in the woods on the edge of trails that the deer travels on. Some states allow bait to be placed near these stands to attract the deer. This is different from planting a crop. The most common bait is corn.

The second method is commonly known as still hunting: walking along through the woods or along the edge of a field and looking for a deer. The hunter often stops and waits for a few minutes, then moves on and repeats the cycle.

The third method is a deer drive, which consists of flushing deer towards a line of hunters. Hunters form a line and walk through the fields or the bushes towards another line, hoping for a shot or driving the deer toward the other line of hunters. Hunters in the second line may be in tree stands or on the ground. Hunters in both lines are a hundred to one hundred and fifty yards apart.

The fourth method is known as spot and stalks hunting, which consists of spotting and then stalking close enough to shoot the deer. Spot and stalk hunting is generally a method of hunting used in places where there are large visible areas, such as mountainous terrain or rolling hills.

The fifth method is known as dog hunting. This method uses dogs to chase the deer. One group of hunters awaits in stands or blinds, while another group of hunters runs dogs through the designated area to drive deer to the stands. The deer are very likely to be running (from the dogs) and when they cross near a stand, hunters are ready to shoot.


Hunting Season

The season goes from March to July, but the most exciting moment to hunt a Red Stag is during the rutting season which is from March 10th to April 6th. The prey is located by the sound of its roar and carefully stalked until seen. Shots seldom exceed 100 meters. This type of hunting requires the use of the five senses plus a sixth one: the sense of the hunter. So remember, red stag prime roar is from March to mid-April. However, after the roar, the hunting is still excellent, more exciting and challenging, so you will be able to hunt red deer until July 31st.


Locations and Lodges

Check the following options we offer to hunt Red Stag in Argentina.

ANDES LODGE. It's located at the foothills of our Mountain Range, at the bank of a thaw River. 1:30 hs from Mendoza City. It constitutes one of the most exclusive private places for Red Stag in Argentina, 7500 acres that will make you unplug and rediscover nature, finding the peace you are looking for.

RINCON LODGE. It is a 3 hour drive away from the airport. It is located in Valle de Calamuchita (Calamuchita’s Valley) in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. This valley belongs to Sierras de Córdoba and it is well-known for its lakes and forests and its craggy terrain with narrow side valleys (ravines) and the highest peaks. It has a temperate climate all year round, with frequent snowfalls in winter (the austral winter so snowfall is mainly in July). The terrain is hilly and mountainous, the South Valley area is of volcanic origin, in the central-western part of the valley there are several faults.

LA PAMPA LODGE. It is located 34 miles from the city of Santa Rosa, in the province of La Pampa, Argentina, and it is 400 miles from Buenos Aires Capital City. This lodge was established in a location of the Argentine Pampas where the ongoing study and monitoring of species ensures guests the most prized trophies in Big Game Hunting Argentina, but with the most careful consideration of nature and the healthy practice of the sport. 

SAN FERNANDO LODGE. It's located in San Luis. From San Luis airport to the lodge it is a 2-hour drive.The farm and hunting ranch has 21,000 acres for shooting, together with the farming business development, which allows our visitors to enjoy the Argentine countryside lifestyle for a few days. 

NORTHERN BARILOCHE LODGE. It is a 60 000 acre private ranch located just 60 miles North of the beautiful city of San Carlos de Bariloche, with paved road access and the perfect habitat for red stag, which are found free roaming in abundance. Accommodations are top notch. The lodge has been renovated recently and it has six master bedrooms with all the comfort of a five star hotel. There is a chef who excels at the preparation of delicious local and international cuisine. Wine and beer are freely available during meals.

Services include: premium accommodation, world-class cuisine, valet laundry, San Carlos de Bariloche airport reception and assistance, Wi-Fi internet access and trophy scoring (SCI & CIC).

Our chef will offer typical meals in the area,  traditional Argentine barbecue, empanadas, and locro (traditional regional stew) are included. He will also use our delicious synergetic recipes so that the hunters may taste the best pieces of the species obtained during the journey. The meals will be served with the best wines of the region and home-made desserts.

CHILLEN. The lodge was built with one goal, to be the most exclusive Free Range Hunting Lodge in Argentina. Decorated by a famous decorator, the lodge combines the wild side of the hunt with breathtaking views and the perfect accommodations you need to enjoy your stay in this beautiful country.

It is 15.000 acres of property, located 1 hour and a half away from Santa Rosa City in La Pampa State. As this is a 100 % free range area, we only hunt these areas for only 3 weeks per season in the roaring time. These will usually take place from late march and part of April. (usually depends on the weather)

The hunting method is usually stalking, 1 hunter 1 guide following the roar.