Doves and Red Stag

We have been hunting together with Bob Serrano a couple of times in the last ten years, but this last hunting trip was different. Probably, it was the best trip ever and we find out that we should repeat this program more often, and also promote it to some of our friends, because it was outstanding! We hope you will enjoy this report as much as we had enjoyed the hunt!

This last hunting trip was different, because we had decided 3 days of high volume doves and 4 days of Red stag hunting. The idea was to make a combination between the luxurious and historical La Loma Lodge and the amazing Rincon Lodge in the highlands of Cordoba.

This time the wolf pack was five hunters total. They are good friends of us from a hunting club in NY estate, and we had enjoyed some outing together in the past. They had made their connection to Cordoba through Panama and they have arrived early in the morning the 11th June. Martin picked them up at the airport and took them to La Loma Lodge for 3 intense and amazing days of dove hunting.

They had packed ….. before coming. So they were ready to go at 8am that morning. We had taken someBenellis montefeltro 20 gauge semiauthomatics and Berettas silver pigeon 20 gauge over and under. For the dove hunt we used ammunition 7 and 8. 

The dove hunt was as good as ever, so we were able to smoke millions of shells and hang out and make jokes in the field. Rick and Ed were the spirit of the team, their attitude is amazing! They enjoy life and treat people like kings, so everybody in the field was having a paradisiacal time. Every hunter got a bag over a thousand birds most of the times. This last 3 days we hunted in the flat lands, close by to the hills, just before the migration. David was on fire, he had shoot the biggest volume of shells and doves.

So, after the 3 days of high volume dove hunting and smoking some cigars at the lodge every evening, it was time for the big game. Part of the group came back to US and Bob and Robert came with me and Juan to Rincon. Rodrigo, Oscar and Santi were waiting for us at the lodge. It took us 3 ours to drive from the north hills of Cordoba to the south highlands for Red Stag.

After working in our guest bow and rifles, we had got our horses for the first ride that afternoon. Bob Serrano was planning to hunt a Water Buffalo and Bob Young was planning to hunt a Red Stag in between 320SCI to 360SCI points. Bob Y also had in his plans to get an antelope with his bow, if he would be able to get on a good range. 

Santiago guided Bob Young and me, and we have been horse riding for a couple of hours till we found a couple of nice bucks. We had stalk to them carefully behind rocks but it was too windy and we couldn’t make it close enough. They heared a noise or smell us and run away. Adrenaline was already running in our bodies. That first day we were no able to shoot despite having seen a nice antelope that could be a great option for the bow hunt; if the wind wouldn’t be so strong. 

Bob Serrano had been chasing a water buffalo for 2 days and a half and he finally had a nice option to hunt it with his bow, and caught a nice one. Bob Young and myself had one great chance after stalking for like an hour, and we have found a nice bulk, the best one so far, that had a 17 points and we had estimated that could be a 340 to 350SSCI points. The bulk was 140 yards from us, but in a very good position, a little under us in the valley. Bob had made a first shoot that hit the buck under the belly and some seconds after, before the animal had the chance to think about running away he hit him with a perfect shoot over the first leg that go through and out from his neck. The bulk fall down immediately, and we all get excited.

It was a great hunt, is was a great trip, and very important, it was a hunt with great friends. Next year we will go with Ed and Rick and get some nice bucks!

We hope you should be the next one.

Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Wingshooting



Just wanted to let you know that I had a great time last week and was very impressed with the lodging,  all the staff, unbelievable meals and shooting opportunities.  Thanks for putting on a great hunting experience.  Thanks again.

David Behler

Great all around experience. The staff makes sure all of your needs are more than take care of!! If you want to have the Argentina dove hunt... this is it!! High praise from this corner.

Richard R.S. Smith

Greenwich Ct., USA

Thank you for an outstanding experience in Argentina bird hunting. The birds were fantastic! Your staff was better! The accommodation at La Loma were perfect!

Muchas Gracias!

Warmest regards,


I have been on a number of doce hunting trips and Pointer Wingshooting is by far the best operation. Great food, excellent field and home staff, and birds by the …...... The only place to go in Argentina.

Bob S.

Our trip was second to none. 1º rate lodging, meals, personal and shooting. The entire staff does out of their way to make sure your stay is comfortable and welcome. I applaud Pablo for offering such wonderful staff and tremendous facilities.

Dave Behler.

The experience at La Loma Lodge is world class from the minute you land at Cordoba airport, until the day you leave, you feel as they. You are with the best outfitter in the business. People make the experience, and the staff at wingshooting is the best in the business. I look forward to many more trips to Argentina with Pointer Wingshooting family.


Ed Massaro.

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