Tim King: A Dreamer

I just got back this weekend from an incredible 9 day adventure in Argentina that started with 3 days of dove hunting in Córdoba with Pointer Outfitters and then heading to La Pampa to hunt with Catena Safaris.

I was after water buffalo, a long time dream of mine. I have worn out most anybody here on TG that had experience with buffalo, because I was concerned about arrow failure. I have gotten excellent advice from 1/2 dozen guys, but perhaps the best was from Andy Ivy who said basically, enough is enough, practice,and go do it!

But after several unsuccessful stalks, I finally got a hurried 22 yard shot on the largest bull of a 29 member herd....and missed!!

I was 4" under his chest, a shot that I have nailed thousands of times in the past year leading up to the hunt.

He was in the rear of the herd as they all spooked and started to disappear once again.

For some crazy reason(I think it was a God thing) the bull directly in front of him wheeled around and started head butting my bull, giving me just enough time to make the shot, this time exactly where I was imagining it going. 

My arrow buried to the cresting, angling forward right behind his elbow with a cutting sound I hope I will never forget.

He ran with the rest of the group never changing pace, except for an occasional sparring with the other bull. At about 100 yards he collapsed, literally dead on his feet! He had not lasted 3 minutes tops.

My outfitter, Nicolas Cadena, estimated his weight to be 1800-2000 pounds.

My arrow had about 18" penetration, and had cut through 3/8" hide, rib, and right through his heart.

I was very pleased with my setup, a #69.5 Bob Lee Ultimate recurve, a SBD string, and FMJ DG 300 shafts, with 300 gr Tuffheads on the front. I JB Welded the setup together with Traditional Archery Solutions stainless steel 200 gr inserts, with Bigfoot double footing system for a total of 1000 grains. This was almost the exact set up that Hybrid Bowhunter had recommended.

Not only did the shaft not fail, the arrow only has a slight bend from when he fell.

The cherry on top was getting to be in the blind 2 days later with my son Jake when he shot a very nice Fallow with his ASL, a Miller Old Tom.

My other son Royce set aside his Robertson recurve and shot a very nice stag at dusk of the last day with his guides rifle when it looked like the clock was going to run out on us.

Again, can't thank all the guys here that gave me such solid advice. I was almost obsessing about getting the right setup, but I think it was worth it!

Tim King

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