Common Names: Wild Boar, Wild Hog, Feral Pig, Feral Hog, Old World Swine Razorback or Russian Wild Boar

Of all members of the pig family, Sus Scrofa (by its scientific name) occupies the largest range. They originally occurred in Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Malay Archipelago. They were introduced later throughout the world as domesticated animals. Currently, Sus Scrofa can be found nearly everywhere, from homes to barns to boggy marshes and mountain terrain.

The ancestor of the domestic pig, the wild boar has a heavy body covered with dense, bristly hair, short legs and a long snout. The male has prominent tusks derived from the canine teeth. Wild boars live alone or in small groups of up to 20, with male separate from, but remaining close to, the females. They are active at night, and in the morning, they forage over a large area for food, digging for roots and bulbs and also eating nuts and a variety of other plant as well as insect larvae, and on occasion, carrion.

The Hunting

An agile, fast moving animal, the wild boar is aggressive if alarmed; males use their strong tusks for defense. The breeding season varies according to regional climate, and a typical litter may consist of 10 striped young, after a gestation of about 115 days. The weight of an adult wild boar can range from 110 to 770 pounds.

Wild boar is primarily active in the evenings due to the fact that they are for the most part nocturnal; morning hunts are not predictable, but can be productive at times. In this part of northern Patagonia, wild apple tees and wild betties are very common and are an important food source for boars, therefore we have tree stands and lookout points overlooking these areas in order to spot the animals and either plan stalk based on wind direction, etc. or shoot from the blinds, always bearing in mind that you have to be within 50 yards of your target and in quartering away broadside position in order to secure your shot. Depending on the hunting location, you can expect to be in the field from 2 to 4 hours before dark and half an hour before dawn in order to anticipate the animals moving in and out of the thick brush.

Hunting Season

The Wild Boar hunting season is All Year Round, this is one of the best options to add to your Big Game experience.

Locations and Lodges

LA PAMPA LODGE: It is located 34 miles from the city of Santa Rosa, in the province of La Pampa, Argentina, and 400 miles from Buenos Aires Capital City. This lodge was established in a location of the Argentine Pampas where the ongoing study and monitoring of species ensures guests the most prized trophies in Big Game Hunting Argentina, but with the most careful consideration of nature and the healthy practice of the sport. 

SAN FERNANDO LODGE: It is located 6 hours driving from Buenos Aires and only 2 hours by car from the local airport. We can also provide private flight services from any location in the country, direct to the farm. While allowing our visitors to enjoy viewing Argentina's countryside and style of life, there are 21,000 acres essentially for shooting as well as the farming business development. The principal house of this lodge offers facilities such as 4 bed rooms, broad dining room with a fireplace in the lounge, living room with amenities, central heating, Wi-Fi and swimming pool, among others.

Our chef will offer typical meals of the area, like traditional Argentine barbecue, empanadas and locro (traditional regional stew) are included. He will also use our delicious synergetic recipes so that the hunter may taste the best pieces of the species obtained during the journey. The meals will be served with the best wines of the region and home-made desserts.


Rifles and Ammo

We have available gun rental at the lodge (300 Cal, 308 Cal, 375, 12 gauge, 20 gauge)

Please check by email for another special request 45 days prior to your trip

Rifle ammunition goes from U$S 12 to U$S 15 the box


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