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It is an ideal setting for some rest, relaxation and connection nature. One feels the air of the village in every corner of this attractive place which is very close to the big cities of the Buenos Aires province.



Castelli city is located in the East Center of the Province of Buenos Aires, it has an area of 2063 km2 (7966 m2) and it owes its name to the hero of the First Government Assembly, Juan José Castelli.

It is an ideal setting for some rest, relaxation and connection nature. One feels the air of the village in every corner of this attractive place which is very close to the big cities of the province of Buenos Aires, and 90 minutes drive from the international airport.

Castelli has the kindness of its beautiful streets, the friendliness of its people, the green of its leaves and trees. The city has many touristic attractions, both in the urban and rural areas. The most popular historical places and estancias are located on the shores of the Salado River. There is also a natural spot of diverse vegetation conformed by the La Rosita Lagoon and there are various spots of the river and the lagoon that are specific points of reference to do fishing.



Manantial Lodge sleeps up to 12 people. However, only four hunters are allowed according to big game local policies. Therefore, the capacity is up to 4 hunters and 8 non-hunters. The lodge has one double room and six rooms with private bathroom.

After a long hunting day, there is nothing better than a comfortable bed and a warm bath.

Manantial lodge has one double room and 6 rooms with private bathroom. Capacity up to 4 hunters plus 8 non-hunters. 

• There is no surcharge for single rooms, subject to availability.

• Dining room

• Internet and satellite TV

• Gourmet dining with Argentina's famed beef and wines, traditional asados (BBQ) and delicious desserts.

• Gun rental. First class professional hunting guides

• Pick-up boys


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Enjoy our gourmet and traditional cuisine every night after the shooting session; our professional chef will delight you with amazing Argentinian and international dishes. We will wait you with appetizers and drinks before dinner. 


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Gear and equipment

Hunting clothes should be light green, green or brown; camouflage will be the best option.


Suggested clothing list:

• 1 pair sturdy walking boots, preferably with heels   

• 1 warm windproof jacket    

• 1 showerproof jacket    

• 1 sweater

• 2 hunting shirts    

• 2 pair Waterproof, warm parka and pants.    

• 1 hat    

• 1 pair gloves    

• 3 pair hunting socks    

• Swimmers for hot tub    

• May/June/July please also include thermal underwear. Long john first layer.    

• Camera

• Binoculars    

• Casual clothes for evenings in the lodge    

• Sunglasses    

Please remember that excess baggage can be expensive and is difficult to travel with so don't over pack! We have a full laundry service available daily at our lodge, so you will not need different clothes for every day. 

SHOOTING GLOVES: Sensitive leather gloves could help or any other hunting glove just in case is cold in the mornings.

LIGHTWEIGHT HAT: One with a wide brim is best and camouflage.

SOFT PROTECTIVE GUN CASE FOR DAILY USE: This is optional, we can provide you with one.

SMALL FIELD BAG: To carry camera gear and other personal items into the field.

CAMERA: The area is scenic and photographic possibilities abound. 

INSECT REPELLENT: Especially for our late summer season. Mosquitoes or other bothersome insects are very unusual in the field - you might take a small bottle of Cutter's Cream.

EVENING DRESS: Clothing is casual. Slacks and sports shirts are all you need.

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The hunting

Each hunter will have available an experienced guide. Our guides are all expert in the field and in the habits of the species. They will make sure that the hunter makes the most of the hunting experience.  

Hunting methods: stand hunting, stalking or horseback riding. Bowhunters are welcomed at the Manantial Lodge.

Rifles available at the lodge: Remington 300, Remington 308 Remington 3006 


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Traveling here

The final destination for this hunting option is Buenos Aires ( Ezeiza airport)

The best connections are through Santiago (Chile), Lima (Peru) and Panama City (Panama)

Ministro Pistarini Airport (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Right now, 31 airlines operate out of Ministro Pistarini Airport.

Important airlines to be considered for international flights:

American Airlines


United Airlines

Copa Airlines

Lan Airlines

Aerolineas Argentinas


British Airways

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Personalized hunting

What we do here is exclusive to you, we have hunted in an environment where you could felt as you are competing with the other hunters in the lodge, this is your hunt and your experience and our goal is to concentrate entirely on that.

A peaceful relaxing experience, luxury lodgings and great cuisine, comfortable beds great food and wine, we make no excuses for you maybe “gaining a little” while you stay with us.


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