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La Pampa Lodge

La Pampa Lodge

It is located 34 miles from the city of Santa Rosa, in the province of La Pampa, Argentina, and 400 miles from Buenos Aires Capital City.

This lodge was established in a location of the Argentine Pampas, where the ongoing study and monitoring of species ensure our guests the most prized trophies in Big Game Hunting Argentina, but with the most careful consideration of nature and the healthy practice of the sport.






The Lodge has 6 double rooms, each one with a private bathroom. We have an international chef that prepares Argentine cuisine and special delicatessens for our guests. The menu is based on the game we hunt in the ranch. Among other important services for our guests, we provide Wi- Fi connection and laundry service included.

The ranch has a private hunting area of 4.000 acres. La Pampa landscape is mainly flat, with soft hills and thick bushes. 

Characteristics of the lodge:

• 6 to 8 pax 

• Private bathrooms in each bedroom

• Delicatessen cuisine

• Variety of wines

• A complete private open-bar, and the most exclusive alcohol brands for sale as an option.

• Wi-Fi Internet access

• Massage service

• Maid and laundry service

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Enjoy our gourmet and traditional cuisine every night after your shooting day. Our professional chef will delight you with amazing Argentinean and international dishes. We will have special appetizers for your drinks before dinner every night. You have to experience our special goat or lamb “a la cruz”, which is a very local and well known way to prepare this unique delicatessen. Normally, it takes more than three hours on the fire, to get it tender and amazingly tasty.

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Gear and Equipment

SHOOTING SAFETY GLASSES OR SUN GLASSES: they should serve as sunglasses and they should de be shatterproof. The green or yellow protective glasses that can be worn over regular glasses are good. They have a small side panel, which protects against glare. They are available in many shooting sports suppliers.

LIGHTWEIGHT HAT: one with a wide brim is best.

SHOOTING GLOVES: this item is important to protect hands from hot shotgun barrels and nicks and blisters from reloading, breaking guns or activating safeties. Golf or batting gloves are a good substitute if you cannot find quality, sensitive leather shooting gloves.

SOFT PROTECTIVE GUN CASE FOR DAILY USE: This is optional; we can provide you with one.

SHELL POUCH: one that will hold a box or two of shells. It can also be a belt-type pouch or vest. This is important specially if you plan to load the gun yourself.

SMALL FIELD BAG: to carry camera gear and other personal items into the field.

INSECT REPELLENT: especially for our summer season. Mosquitoes or other bothersome insects are very unusual in the field - you might take a small bottle of Cutter\\\'s Cream.

CAMERA: The area is scenic and photographic possibilities abound. We also offer a private service by a professional photographer.

EVENING DRESS: Clothing is casual. Slacks and sport shirts are all you need.

BAND-AIDS OR TAPE: for sore fingers from shooting.

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The Hunting

The hunting method usually is stalking trough the bushes, one hunter – one guide (PH). Shots are usually no longer than 150 yards, except with the blackbucks, which usually seek for open areas.

Bowhunting: We also welcome bowhunters. For them, the hunting method is different. We do waits in tree stands, blinds and water holes. In the rutting season we also stalk.

Gun Rental: We have available gun rental at the lodge. (.300 Cal , .308 Cal, .375 , .12 gauge, 20 gauge)

Logistics: Depending on the schedule, hunters can take a 1-hour comercial local flight from Buenos Aires city to Santa Rosa Airpot city in La Pampa province. Another option would be to get a private charter straight to the lodge, scheduled upon request.

We have different species, such as red deer, water buffalo, blackbuck antilope, axis deer, fallow deer, European muflon, wild boar, cougar, multi Hhrn ram, feral goat and Texas dall sheep.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you shoot any game that was already wounded by natural causes, trophy must be paid in full.

Reservations: These will be confirmed with a 50% payment. 

Cancelation policy: 100% up to 60 days before the arrival.



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Traveling Here

La Pampa lodge is located 34 miles from the city of Santa Rosa, in the province of La Pampa, Argentina, and 400 miles from Buenos Aires Capital City. 

Final destination for this hunting option is Santa Rosa city (Santa Rosa Airport)


The best connection is through Buenos Aires (Argentina), Ministro Pistarini Airport (EZE)


Right now, 31 airlines operate out of Ministro Pistarini Airport. It offers nonstop flights to 51 cities.

Every week, at least 126 domestic flights and 833 international flights depart from this airport.


Important airlines to be consider for international flights:

American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, Copa Airlines, Lan Airlines, Aerolineas Argentinas, Iberia, and British Airways.


Santa Rosa Airport (RSA)

Right now, only 1 airline operates out of Santa Rosa Airport: Aerolineas Argentinas.

When connections are through Buenos Aires (Argentina) you arrive to Ministro Pistarini Airport in Ezeiza and you will have to change airport to Aeroparque (AEP). At least 4 hours between flights are needed, due to traffic delays. We will organize your ground transportation in Buenos Aires to make it hassle free. There is great connections to Buenos Aires from Miami, Dallas, Houston or Atlanta.

Consider also private charters from Buenos Aires to La Pampa. We will be pleased to send you further information and budgets.

From Santa Rosa airport to the lodge it is a 1-hour drive.

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